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  1. Welcome to Talk Windsor
  2. No red bull air race in 2011
  3. hi all
  4. Flights out of windsor airport
  5. Downtown canal project
  6. Farmers market
  7. Census long form
  8. Demolition on Huron Church
  9. Hello Talk Windsor
  10. Mayor Francis and the CIP plan.
  11. Gift Cards
  12. AMO Conference
  13. Warm summer
  14. Patios Downtown
  15. Good movies in theaters?
  16. Construction
  17. Christmas stuff in stores already
  18. Chicken wing cook off
  19. Moroun loses in court. Gas pumps coming down?
  20. Wind Farms along the 401
  21. Bike Riding
  22. Ever use a tanning bed?
  23. Best fishing spots?
  24. New Phone Book
  25. Lindsay Lohan out of rehab
  26. Getting on the Expressway
  27. Free parking at meters
  28. boxing
  29. Best Chicken Wings in Windsor???
  30. Heat and smog advisory ...
  31. Armouries and Palace Theatre Plans
  32. Local Bakeries
  33. Outsourcing city work
  34. Possible Closing/Move of Outlet Mall?
  35. Shores of Erie Wine Fest
  36. Electricity rates to go up 41% in 5 years??
  37. Windsor Netball Club started new season
  38. Restaurant food ratings updated
  39. Spray Tans
  40. Taxpayers responsible for council costs in lawsuit.
  41. City to sell 19 properties that owe back taxes
  42. Books
  43. Net Flix launching in Canada with Free Trial Offer ...
  44. National and Windsor EI numbers are down
  45. Fall
  46. Satellite TV and no local news
  47. Warm weather for Thanksgiving Weekend
  48. Communicating with the Czech community in Windsor
  49. Councillor's sister killed with husband in North Bay mishap
  50. Municipal Election
  51. Fall colours
  52. Francis wins
  53. Virgin Mary Statue on Garvey
  54. Windsor Detroit Tunnel Is 80 Years old
  55. Abdulkadir Mohamud found not guilty
  56. 6.3 Million for new Via train station
  57. Windsor has warmest fall in Canada
  58. Urban Chickens
  59. Family change room question
  60. Dralion by Cirque du Soleil starts tonight at WFCU
  61. New to the forum
  62. So, where would YOU live (or NOT live)?
  63. Need votes for project 9561 to get funding by AVIVA
  64. Windsor Photos, Events and Videos
  65. November 30, 2010 - Today's temperature
  66. Samsung bringing wind turbine manufacturing to Windsor ...
  67. Just released - DRIC in State Senate defeated
  68. Double points December!
  69. Observation on employment in Windsor
  70. volunteers needed
  71. Please vote to improve playground at windsor school
  72. Mayor Francis says no increase of city taxes
  73. Wyandotte now open to Banwell
  74. Smoke on the water ...
  75. I'm New Too!!
  76. Christmas...
  77. Special recipes
  78. How do Windsorites treat newcomers?
  79. Anyone looking for a female volleyball Player?
  80. Area Gas Stations Running Low on Fuel
  81. What kind of pets do you have?
  82. Vacation Time...
  83. Referring a person to this forum
  84. Mummified forest
  85. Christmas decorations
  86. WINDSOR STAR offering free itunes downloads
  87. ....Since there is a post about sharing books....
  88. Trekkie's ......
  89. Where did the sun go?
  90. Hot thread?
  91. Virus Worm hits Iran
  92. Greetings!!
  93. Merry Christmas
  94. So how was everyone's Christmas?
  95. Meeting friends
  96. Looking for a house. What are the good areas in Windsor?
  97. Last day of 2010, how was everyones year?
  98. No more pennies on the bus
  99. Happy New Year!
  100. The 1st Annual CEL Business Plan Competition
  101. Walkerville
  102. BBQ & Meat Smoker enthusiasts
  103. Winter wonderland out there today ...
  104. Would you drive an electric car?
  105. Target is coming to Canada!
  106. Disabled windsor boy left on empty school bus for 2.5 hrs ...
  107. Ohip
  108. Estate Sale
  109. DRIC moving forward with Snyder
  110. Auto Show
  111. Postal Codes Windsor Ontario ...
  112. Fire downtown Windsor
  113. Coupon Sites
  114. Talk Windsor Social Gatherings ...
  115. Superbowl
  116. Beat the February COLD. Double Points for the entire month!
  117. Snowstorm
  118. New Jail contract awarded.
  119. Windsor Unemployement
  120. Superbowl Detroit Chrysler Commercial
  121. Can you please recommend any nice and fairly new condominiums for rent in Windsor?
  122. All English Public schools should be closed and push kids to Bellwood PS in Windsor
  123. Ranking of Windsor Schools
  124. Ok I am officially sick of the cold ...
  125. Happy Valentines Day Everyone!
  126. WFCU Center Losing Money
  127. Oh wow, more snow...
  128. So damp today ...
  129. Parking ticket downtown ...
  130. Caesars Windsor Hosting MMA Event MFC 29
  131. Tsunami in Japan after 8.9 Earthquake
  132. Since the clocks went ahead on the weekend ...
  133. Power Saving Coupons in the mail
  134. Windsor River Front Construction
  135. Canada is sending jets to Libya ...
  136. What do you think about the proposed marina downtown?
  137. Suggestions for TalkWindsor
  138. Fire and explosion on Esdras Place
  139. Descendents of John Bailey/Charlotte Bailey nee Oakland. Emigrated to Canada 1912
  140. Anyone see George Clooney in Windsor on Erie Street Saturday night?
  141. Another Pedestrian Hit On Huron Church Rd in Windsor
  142. Mayor Francis ideas for downtown in Capital Budget
  143. Double rewards points for April
  144. Bench Ad For Talk Windsor!
  145. Gas prices sure jumped up lately
  146. Casino workers vote to approve new contract
  147. Rumblings in Windsor?
  148. Council is relaxing rules for Patios
  149. More snow
  150. Windsor Spots Press Release - New Local Entertainment Guide for Windsor
  151. Man stabbed outside Holy Names HS
  152. CAW 444 drops the ball over casino negotiations
  153. Business to Business Meetings
  154. Happy Easter
  155. More talk on how to fix downtown, what do you think would help?
  156. So Chrysler is going to pay back its gov't loans by June
  157. Wettest spring ever
  158. Porter airlines now flying to Windsor
  159. The Royal Wedding
  160. Plastic milk bags for bed mats
  161. Fido or Ragers?
  162. Election Day
  163. Osama Bin Laden Dead
  164. Rain rain go away ...
  165. Census 2011 in Windsor
  166. Microsoft buys skype for 8.5 billion in cash ...
  167. meals for seniors
  168. Detroit Downtown Hoedown
  169. Hi Everyone.
  170. Long Weekend!
  171. Stabbing behind big dicks last night
  172. Free Music Downloads from Essex Library
  173. Musician Bruno Mars at Caesars Windsor
  174. Epic Mealtime ...
  175. University of Windsor taking over downtown Armouries building
  176. Summer showed up in Windsor
  177. LeeLee Hats is looking for help making baby hats and is in need of yarn donations!
  178. Re: Rumblings in South Windsor
  179. Who's Excited for Summer Fest in Downtown Windsor?
  180. Windsor Council approves new aquatic center for downtown
  181. Canada Post on Strike
  182. Reward: Rack of Smoked Back Ribs!!!
  183. Terrible Incident - no police support
  184. Anyone have any big plans for the long weekend?
  185. Did you lose power during the storm
  186. Did anyone see the military night training with the helicopters downtown?
  187. Its a heat wave!
  188. Does Windsor really require the most police in Ontario per capita?
  189. Is downtown too noisy at night?
  190. Talk Windsor is a Year old today
  191. Was anyone here on the VIA train that derailed today?
  192. The Nearest Rock Climbing Wall?
  193. Big outdoor party: Coming Home Music Festival in Windsor
  194. Windsor Ribfest 2011
  195. OPP crackdown on unlicensed security guards. (bouncers)
  196. Bridge company's political ad, bridge to nowhere
  197. Police seek witnesses to E.C. Row crash
  198. Lots of rain in Amherstburg
  199. Windsor Ontario Air Show 2011
  200. Ground Officially Breaks Today on the Windsor-Essex Parkway
  201. NDP Leader Jack Layton Passes Away at 61 ...
  202. Tornado hits Goderich ...
  203. Did anyone in the Windsor area feel that Virginia Earthquake?
  204. Anyone lose power in the storm last night?
  205. Windsor Detroit Tunnel Closure
  206. Windsor tops for speed traps in Canada.
  207. Labour Day ...
  208. I'm finally coming to Windsor!
  209. Long term care beds go to Lasalle instead of Grace site.
  210. Anyone else go to shores of erie winefest this year?
  211. Violent crime is down 13% so far on the year ...
  212. Fall is here
  213. Windsor passes two years now without a murder!
  214. Car dealerships?
  215. Steve Jobs passes away at age 56 today
  216. anyone else affected by the blackberry outage?
  217. Cooking Sous Vide
  218. 20 Cheapest Zip Codes in the US. 15 in Michigan, 13 in Detroit
  219. Windsor Halloween
  220. Santa is coming to Devonshire Mall by helicopter ...
  221. 2011 Birth of a new Christmas Tradition (very important)
  222. Library moving in with art gallery
  223. Black Friday Shopping ...
  224. Happy Thanksgiving to all our american friends
  225. Got Water?
  226. Leone's Music World Closing
  227. College Avenue Bridge to reopen in Windsor
  228. Kim Jong Il
  229. Happy New Year
  230. Windsor Essex Parkway Construction Noise ...
  231. Press conference today regarding the windsor police dept ...
  232. Moroun going to jail.
  233. I made it to Windsor!
  234. This website needs promotion
  235. PPKC - Point Pelee Kart Club
  236. Ontario Heritage Survey
  237. Point Pelee
  238. Ice Rink
  239. No Winter
  240. Wikimapia
  241. Windsor Architecture
  242. Photo Gallery
  243. Events
  244. Welcome To Talk Windsor
  245. 2011 census results. Windsor lost population
  246. What is being hidden that keeps resulting in Auditor Generals being fired, resigning
  247. Leamington and area green houses ...
  248. 3 Word Story Forum Game
  249. Charly's Brew Pub Closing ...
  250. War Of 1812 Events