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Thread: Lets Change windsor - All service company giving back to windsor

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    Lets Change windsor - All service company giving back to windsor

    Welcome to lets change, we are a service business that puts service and the love for our city FIRST. We offer a variety of services from landscaping to house cleaning and offer the guaranteed lowest prices in Windsor. With every dollar we take in we give 20% to people in need in Windsor. Help us help our city.

    We are proud to be launching our business July 31 2013. Since we are not ready to launch our business yet and people are in need now, you can purchase a gift certificate now until July 31st at 10% off.

    Our Services Include:
    1) Landscape and lawncare:
    Includes small and large jobs, house number painting, aeration, dethatching, rolling, driveway sealing, etc.
    2) Junk removal, apartment/house prep:
    This includes de-hoarding, basement and garage clean outs, garbage/junk removal, move in and out cleaning services.
    3) Auto and house cleaning:
    Window cleaning, auto detailing, powerwashing, baby proofing, general house cleaning, grafitti removal, etc.
    4) Business and personal services:
    Tutoring, babysitting(day and night), pet sitting, computer training for seniors, other services for seniors, web design(hosting,domain, design), virtual assisting, etc.

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    So, you registered a United States based domain (.US) For a Canadian Company?

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