At approximately 7pm on Friday April 11th, I was heading east on Tecumseh Rd E near Central. There was a fair amount of traffic, but we were moving nicely between 50 and 60 km/ hr. As I approched Central Ave, the vehicle in front of me slowed to enter the Shell gas station but had to wait for pedestrians to clear the sidewalk. A few seconds later I was slammed from behind, I could not believe what had happened, the vehicle (description below) pulled up beside me and the driver (30's short brown hair) gave me a dirty look. He pulled back in behind me and I turned into the Central Mall parking lot to see the damage and figured he wanted to stop too.

He pulled into the parking lot behind me, but then sped past me. I followed him though the parking lot and he turned south onto Central Ave, then back in the rear parking lot of the Central Mall. He raced through the parking lot and exited it turning west onto Ypres. He then turned back onto Central heading North, then driving over the grass back in to the rear Central Mall parking lot. Again exited onto Ypres but this time headed east, turning down Aubin towards Tecumseh Rd. I headed back down but he was well ahead of me, when I turned onto Tecumseh Rd E, he was heading east at a rather fast pace.

The vehicle was a Jeep Wrangler (not certain 2 or 4 doors) a very dark grey, almost black. He has damage to his front end since some of his paint was left on my spare tire. Not certain but his license started with something such as BRXK or BXRK.

There were lots of cars out there and he cut people off. Someone must have seen him. Please if you know anything please contact the Windsor Police at 519-258-6111 or Crime Stoppers at

My 6 yr old daughter was in the car and we spent 5 hrs in the ER making sure she was okay. I suffered a concussion and am still have effects from it almost a week later.