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Thread: Windsor Essex Parkway Construction Noise ...

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    Windsor Essex Parkway Construction Noise ...

    So the parkway has been under construction in full swing for a while now. Is anyone nearby bothered by the noise so far? I am in south windsor along the dougall parkway corridor and so far I have only heard a bit of pile driving on a couple occasions. Certainly nothing disruptive but I would consider myself to be located fairly far away from most of the work. Just wondering how other people are finding things.

    I am sure there will be some growing pains so to speak as we go along until it is all finished but imo this is a very small price to pay for a project that is a very major one and an integral piece to prosperity for the region going forward. - Windsor Ontario's Source for Web Design, Hosting, and Custom Programming Solutions. If you need a CMS so you can update your own website let us know. We are Windsor Web Design

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    I heard a bunch of fairly loud noises this morning also in south Windsor. Sounded like pile driving as well. So far that is about it. No complaints really.

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    Well I know matchette road is already almost ruined where the parkway is located from all the heavy construction equipment. I assume they will repair after but who knows. There are some close to it that have had some nasty surprises, like driveways being ripped out.

    They probably needed to buy out a few more places than they did.

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